Sariska Best Time To Visit

Sariska Tiger Reserve is a unique destination especially for wild life enthusiast. Though it is known to everyone that all the protected reserves remain closed for 3 months in the monsoon season from July to September. But,Sariska is exceptional and this Tiger reserve remains opened for all the twelve months.Sariska National park remains opened for the Safari tour of the tourists for all the 12 months even in the monsoon season. It remains opened throughout the year, starting from 1st of January to 31st December every year. Entry time for the safari ride may get changed as per the season. The best season to spot the majestic Tiger is from November to April. In these months tourists can easily spot the majestic Tigers at any time. So these months are considered to be the best season especially for the Tiger lovers. In these months, tourists can enjoy the safari ride to explore the jungle of Sariska and savor the amazing view of the majestic Tiger anytime. In these months from November to April, tourists can enjoy the delightful weather and the beauty of the nature as at this point of time, nature is in its complete blossom.

Winter Season(October to March)

In winter season, the flowers are in full bloom which adds an ample of beauty to the area around the lakes and the other water bodies. It is also the best season for bird lovers as most of the migratory birds visit the Tiger Reserve in winter season and so it's the best time for the bird lovers. Bird lovers visit this Tiger Reserve in these months with great eagerness and enthusiasm. But if you are travelling to Sariska National Park during the mid-winter season in between last December to early January then it is must for the tourists to carry enough warm clothes which will keep you warm amidst the wilderness of the Sariska National Park.

Summer Season (April to June)

In these months from April to June, least number of tourists prefer to visit Sariska National Park as this area has unbearable hot weather. During summer season, the days are really too hot in the sariska National Park and the temperature goes higher and higher up to 48 degree Celsius. Due to high temperature, it becomes very difficult for the tourists to visit here and there. Still some tourists prefer to visit Sariska National Park in the summer season due to the reasons like, there are very less crowd in the summer season in Sariska National Park and secondly the most important reason to visit the Sariska in summer season is that there is higher chance of spotting the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. In summer season, Tigers are usually spotted in and around the water bodies of the national park. As the weather is too hot, tourists must not forget to keep sunscreens, scarves and sleeved cotton dresses as it will protect you from the blazing sun outside.

Monsoon Season (July to September)

This is the worst season for the wild life lovers as all the protected reserves in India remain closed. But amidst this unhappiness, Sariska National Park is the ray of Happiness for the Jungle lovers as it remains opened even in the monsoon season. The forest authorities of Sariska started Jungle Safari for the tourists in BalaQuilla buffer zone. Here the forest authorities offers the opportunity of Jungle safari to the tourists just for promoting ecotourism especially in the region where the focus of the tourists will be more on enjoying the natural richness of the forest rather than potting the tigers in the buffer zone of the Sariska. Apart from enjoying the nature of Sariska, the tourists can enjoy the tour of buffer zone and will visit the places like Siliserh, BalaQuila and Dadikar forest area. Here tourists can explore the wildlife not only in the day but tourists can also enjoy the night safari.

It is advisable to get in touch with the experts before planning to visit SariskaNtional Park, so that you can have a memorable trip.